Patron Code of Conduct Library policy

Approved by the Powell County Board of Trustees

Patron Code of Conduct

The Powell County Public Library strives to provide an accessible and engaging environment to all guests.  In order to establish a safe environment which promotes the enjoyment and full utilization of the library, patrons are discouraged from the following activities and behaviors. Failure to comply may result in suspension from the library.

Using cell phones, pagers, and other communication devices in a manner that disturbs others

Bringing animals, other than service animals, into the library

Loud talking or engaging in noisy or boisterous activities

Soliciting opinions and/or money

Eating, smoking, or bathing in the library

Sleeping in or on the library’s premises or bringing bedding into the library

Destructive behaviors related to library premises and property

Drink containers without secure lids

Violating Powell County Public Library’s Public Computer and Internet Use Policy or Safe Child Policy

Noncompliance of reasonable requests of a library staff member

Bodily hygiene that is offensive to other persons in the library