Circulation Public Library policy

This circulation policy of the Powell County Public Library exists to facilitate community access to materials and information in the library’s collections, while at the same time protecting those collections.

Approved by the Powell County Board of Trustees


Any person possessing a library card will have full access to all the materials and services of the Powell County Public Library. The library provides services to all persons in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and in compliance with equal opportunity laws.

Registration and Eligibility

The patrons of the Powell County Public Library have a right to expect their registration and borrowing information will be kept confidential. The Powell County Public Library will act in accordance with state laws to protect patron confidentiality.

If the records of a patron are ever subpoenaed, the library will make certain that due process is followed before releasing them to the courts. Patron records are excluded from provisions of most states by the Freedom of Information Act. The library reserves the right to report to a collection agency the information of those who have overdue library materials; so that the collection agency can help the library retrieve the materials.

County Residents and Powell County Property Owners

In order to register for a library card, an individual must live in Powell County and be able to provide proof of residency in Powell County. If you own property in Powell County but do not live in Powell County, you may register for a library card. One must have acceptable identification with a current address.

Acceptable identification to register for a library card is defined as follows

  • A valid Kentucky driver’s license with current address.
  • Military ID with current address.
  • A Kentucky state issued ID with photo with current address.
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Immigrant ID card

All forms of ID must be government-issued, legible, and current

Approved by the Powell County Board of Trustees


It is highly recommended to update your current address on your identification in case of theft, accident, or other emergency. If the resident does not have their current address on any of the above identification and cannot feasibly update it, they need to present one of the following items:


  • Present or previous month utility bill addressed to the resident at their current address
  • Printed checks from a financial institution with their name and current address
  • Current property tax statement with their name and current address
  • Legal binding lease from landlord with their name and current address

Any child from 6 to under age 18 will be issued a card after their parent or guardian applies for a Powell County Library Card and completes and signs the registration card accepting all responsibility for all fines and fees.

After minors with a library card turns 18, they will need to register for an adult card, free of charge.

Residents from Other Counties Who Work in Powell County

All Kentucky residents 18 and older who are not residents of Powell County but have a current KY license or ID and work in Powell County may apply for a Powell County Public Library card. They need to present a paycheck stub, employee ID, or letter from work along with an acceptable form of ID.